The Not-so-far Future of Gaming

June 9, 2009 at 3:22 PM Leave a comment

xbox-natal-videoWhen the gaming industry said it would surpass the interest of consumers in comparison to the movie industry, it was considered a joke! Gamers not matter how advanced, intelligent or dedicated, the age range would never include people over 40 years old (except for hard-core followers). this naturally put a shadow over the gaming consoles sold and revenue streams generated from it.

One of the factors limiting gamers to convince older people to play was the controller. the mechanism that relies on ones hand-eye coordination is practically impossible when you reach a certain age. Add to that the fear of trying something new & the feeling that the world has passed you by and you’ve got an age range of gamers that ends at 30.

This is no longer the case.

Microsoft along with powerful partners (Steven Spielberg for one) have a new concept for the evolution of the already popular interactive entertainment medium. Entertainment is getting easier and more convenient by the day,  with innovations in technology and creativity in human minds interacting & co-existing in the wonderful medium called the tech industry, they think they’ve reached their peak, only to find out that this peak is nothing more than the beginning of the next wave.

Xbox Natal Addon

Xbox Natal Addon

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