What if… Google bought Nokia

June 17, 2009 at 1:08 AM Leave a comment

What if Google bought Nokia? Thats something to consider . The two largest companies – one in the internet space, and one in the mobile space.

Nokia deploys more mobile phones than some candy companies release new candy bars. Nokia releases more diversified phones than any brand in the world. On the other hand we have Google, that currently releases only high-end devices with their Android operating system. So what would happen, if these companies were to merge?

  • Google would become the largest digital company providing services and even hardware in the world
  • Nokia would restructure, possibly sell Symbian, and Android would become the dominant operating system
  • Android for low-end phones would be presented, and would thus start fragmenting on the market and do what other platforms have done.
  • Google would become the largest supplier of mobile search for a long time to come
  • Android would take over 30 % of the market share within 2 years
  • Google would polish its mobile social networks heavily, and interconnect them with all search, search with friends, etc.
  • Google Lattitude would be a native feature of the phones
  • Google would integrate all Nokias web services
  • Android Market and OVI would immediately merge
  • The largest mobile and web company in the world would be formed, with no competition whatsoever in any area of expertise they would do
So what do you think? What if Google bought Nokia?

Digital Behemoth

Digital Behemoth

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