Microsoft Wants Project Natal In Gamer Hands In 2010

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Balmer announced at the Executives Club here in Chicago today that Project Natal will be released in 2010. Microsoft showed off their biggest project, Project Natal, during the Microsoft E3 press conference the day before E3 2009. This next gen device gives gamers freedom and allows to use your body to be the controller. Project Natal uses technology from 3DV Systems in which Microsoft acquired from. A few games were demoed at E3 using Project Natal which includes Ricochet, Paint Party, and Burnout. Ricochet allow players to use their entire body to bounce balls to knock blocks in a Breakout style game. Paint Party allows gamers to use their hands to paint and draw on a TV screen canvas. A racing demo based off of Burnout Paradise was demoed using their hands as the steering wheel and foot as the petal. A few non-games features were facial recognition and AI interaction.
Already in 2010?

Already in 2010?

Project Natal uses facial recognition to allow players to auto sign into accounts just purely with their face. Lionhead Studios help create a AI interaction demo in which a player interacted with an AI named Milo. Project Natal was not shown on the E3 show floor. Only invited press behind closed doors were able to see Project Natal up close. All we have to say about the project is it works and gamers need to get ready to buy Project Natal in 2010. [Source – Microsoft]

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