40% of iPhone Users access web more from phone than PC

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Yeah, this is no surprise. comScore has surveyed 7,300 users of iPhones (and iPod Touches) and found that 40% of them now use their iPhones to access the internet more than they use personal computers. This is similar to findings earlier reported for Blackberry users with email and consistent with the ealry anecdotal evidence about the iPhone. iPhone users are also quite wealthy and relatively old (76% are over the age of 25) and seven out of ten iPhone owners are men (boys’ toys, eh?).

Note this finding does not suggest an end of the PC, it only suggests an accelerating shift from PCs to smartphones. Note that even with such a powerful internet-optimized handset as the iPhone (best internet smartphone clearly out of the current lot) they do not even pass the half-point of all users shifting to mobile. But regardless, it does confirm that increasingly, as the mobile handsets get better, more and more casual mainstream PC users will find no particular utility out of the PC. Like the Japanese say, if you ask them, would they like to read emails on a PC, they will be surprised and say, they were not aware that email also was available on a PC (as almost all Japanese email users access email on a phone) – and then usually add, but why would you want to..  (Yeah, the Japanese have had the full mobile phone based access to the internet for ten years now, and very advanced phones for most of this decade).

Now factor in the replacement cycles of phones – we replace our phones more than twice as often as we replace our PCs – and we tend to get phones in many markets at severe price subsidies so they seem much cheaper than a full-price PC; the trend is strictly one-way for any existing PC owners: from PC/laptop use to smartphone use. The iPhone itself keeps improving dramatically each year, and the rest of the field is clearly taking lessons from the iPhone. So if you’re currently into the second year of your laptop and start to look for a new laptop late in next year, by then there will be significantly better new smartphones in the market, than the iPhone 3GS, the Palm Pre, the Nokia N97, etc. This trend will acclerate, not slow down.

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