iPhone Overheating: Apple Blames The Weather

July 6, 2009 at 10:31 AM Leave a comment


Reports about the new Apple iPhone 3GS overheating have been circulating over the internet last week. The phone, released on June 19th, would get warm during use and some have reported that it would get too hot to handle. There have even been reports that the heat would cause the screen to become discolored.

After almost a week of silence on this problem, Apple has posted a warning on one of their support sites. Apparently they point the blame to “the weather” according to a British newspaper.

From The UK Telegraph:

In its message, Apple says that the iPhone has a safety feature which warns users that the device is becoming too hot. As well as leaving the handset in a car, it says that the phone may overheat when left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, when GPS tracking is used in a car on a hot day or when its iPod function is used in direct sunlight. […]

iPhone 3GS users on Mac forums complain, however, that the handset becomes hot when it is not being used in a car. In a posting on the macrumors.com forum, one user complained that using the new device’s video recording feature had caused it to overheat while another complained that after carrying his phone in a backpack, it got so hot that the plastic case became distorted with tiny bumps.

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