10 Gadgets To Make Your Life A Little Easier

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Have you ever looked at an aspect of your life and thought that it could be made so much easier with a gadget of some sort? I would venture a guess that most of us have done so at one point in our lives. How about luggage that rolls itself when your traveling? How about an iPhone 3G S with an app for nearly everything you can think of. I am sure some of the 10 gadgets listed here might just help you make your life a little easier too.

  1. iPhone 3GS (and all the Apps)intro-iphone-camera-200906081
    The iPhone 3GS is the ultimate gadget to make your life easier. Along with the versatility of the phone itself, there is a vast amount of applications that can easily be downloaded and installed on the phone. Ranging from applications to manage your spending to allowing you to keep track of your daily tasks, there are new applications being released every day on the Apple App store. Want a chance to win an iPhone 3gs? Check out this post for details!
  2. Self Propelled Suitcaseselfpropelledsuitcase1
    For the traveler, a self propelled suitcase can be a life saver. It is designed to give you a little help when you need a little boost when you are rolling along, towing it behind you. While it’s not going to power up and start moving on its own, it will certainly give your back a break when the wheels kick in and start moving. The assistance kicks in when the suitcase is in motion, the handle is pulled out, and it is tilted. Although most people will not have an issue with packing enough weight into the suitcase, it requires at least 15 lbs for it to operate and holds up to 70.5lbs.
  3. USB Vacuumusbj-0067
    If you are like me, you like to eat at your desk. And that means sometimes the chips or cookies that you eat over your desk can get crumbs all over the place. When that happens, you can just plug the handy dandy USB Vacuum into one of your available USB ports and clean up after yourself on the fly.
  4. Kwikset SmartScan Keyless Locks
    Ever wanted to reduce the amount of keys you have to keep track of? The Kwikset SmartScan eliminates another key on your ring. This gadget scans the subdermal, and is a lot more accurate than simply scanning your finger print. Upon a successful scan, the deadbolt slides open. The scanner gives you full and complete control over who can enter your home, rather than trying to figure out who you gave your spare key to. Any device that takes a key off of my key chain definitely makes my life easier.
  5. Husqvarna Panthera Leo Concept mowerhusqvarna-panthera-620x431
    With everything today focusing on becoming more environmentally friendly, it is logical that lawn mowers would inevitably face changes as well. Husqvarna is betting on this with their new concept. The Panthera Leo begins its life from recycled materials and five electric motors drives the machine. Not only will it reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also allow you to reduce the amount of noise pollution as well. Your neighbors would thank you profusely. It uses batteries capable of remaining on for up to 2 hours and an LCD screen gives you status updates such as battery life, speed, and other necessary lawn mower functions. While the current iteration is merely a concept, it should be in production within a few years.
  6. Beanzawave USB-Powered MicrowaveWorld's Smallest Microwave
    Now you don’t have to leave your desk to have a warm meal. Thanks to Heinz, you can heat up a small single serving item without even leaving the comfort of your desk. Using what amounts to be a combination of cell phone and radio frequencies, it has the ability to warm up your lunch within minutes. It doesn’t require power, instead it plugs into an available USB port on your computer. Gameaholics everywhere are squealing in blissful joy at this invention, though what this device can potentially do to your computer remains to be seen.
  7. Stainless Steel 8GB Video Watch8gb_video_watch_arm
    Standing in those long lines is no longer an issue with a video watch with 8GB of internal flash memory. A beautiful 1.8” color screen keeps you entertained with the latest episodes of whatever you wish to watch. That free digital copy of Batman you got when you bought the DVD can keep you entertained while you stand in line at Disneyland. This watch also has integrated audio for listening without headphones and an audio out jack so you don’t disturb your neighbors while listening to your favorite Transformers episodes. Supported video modes include AVI, MP4, WMV, ASF, MPG, MPEG, DAT, RM, and MOV. It will also play audio files like MP3, WMA, and WAV.
  8. Bluetooth Virtual Keyboardvirtual_keyboard
    The device is about the size of a small cell phone, and projects a full size laser keyboard. Operated by Bluetooth, it is capable of operating on just about any flat surface. The virtual keyboard has settings to “click” when you “press” a key and has auto time out to conserve your batteries when you go away from the keyboard. The device basically uses a laser projection to map out a keyboard and reads finger movements to capture keystrokes. For the super geek or space starved person, this gadget is a life saver.
  9. Remote Controlled LED Light Bulb from Sharpsharp-with-remote-dl-l60av
    Sharp is introducing an all new concept; a remote controlled LED light bulb that allows a person to change the color of the light coming from it. Seven different shades of white are available for your light changing pleasure. The remote control of the bulb is actually an industry first, and the concept is an interesting one to be sure. Lifespan of this handy light bulb is estimated at 40,000 hours. Unfortunately, at this time this item is currently slated to be introduced in Japan.
  10. The SmartShoppersmart-shopper-groceryNo list would be complete without a gadget to make Mom’s life a little easier. Press record and speak into the device to add grocerys or tasks to your list. When you’re ready to go out for the day, it conveniently prints out an categorized list for everything that you have stored previously. Instead of sitting down to write down a massive list to take to the grocery store, family members can add things to the list during the week. It saves money and time by helping to prevent return trips to the store. Now if only you could take it with you and have it speak to you as you’re shopping…you’d never forget anything again!

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