Downloads to Boost Your Productivity (Part 3)

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Other productivity tools

Finally, here’s a pair of productivity enhancers that improve on the Windows Clipboard and Notepad.


Downloads to Boost Your Productivity // ClipX (Image courtesy of PC World)

What’s the most useful productivity tool built into Windows? The Clipboard seems like a good candidate since it lets you copy and paste between documents and applications.

The free ClipX powers up the Clipboard and turns it into a productivity powerhouse. It keeps your last 25 clips, so if you clipped something a while back and want to reuse it, no problem: Press Ctrl-Shift-V, select your clip from the list and pop it in. ClipX keeps graphics as well, and since the program uses only a tiny amount of RAM, it won’t slow down your system.

Also useful are the many free plug-ins that you can download from the ClipX Web site. My favorite by far is ClipX Stickies Plugin, which lets you keep permanent clips, such as e-mail signatures or corporate logos, so they’re available whenever you want them.

Download ClipX | Price: Free

NoteTab Light
Downloads to Boost Your Productivity // NoteTab Light (Image courtesy of PC World)

On plenty of occasions you’ll want a text editor rather than a full-blown word processor like Microsoft Word or the word processor. You might need to create a plain document with no coding, for example, or you may want to set up a very basic HTML document.

Notepad, the text editor built into Windows, won’t give you much help since it can open only one document at a time and doesn’t include any tools for coding HTML.

NoteTab Light gives you an array of text-editing features. You can open multiple documents, use simple tools to code HTML, save boilerplate text and place it in any document, perform search-and-replace operations across multiple files … the list goes on. If you need a text editor, get NoteTab Light; you won’t find a better free editor. But if by chance you need even more functionality, its creators also offer for-pay versions.

Download NoteTab Light | Price: Free

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