Now You Can Dislike Stuff on Facebook (With a Firefox Plugin)

November 8, 2009 at 12:59 PM Leave a comment

We all have friends that post insane or annoying comments, photos, or videos on Facebook. Sure, we can hide their content, but more and more Facebookers are looking for a dislike option to visually show their disapproval.

Say hello to: the Facebook Dislike Firefox plugin.

After you install the experimental plugin, you’ll notice that every item in your Facebook News Feed has an easily accessible “Dislike” option sandwiched in between the “Like” and “Similar Posts” options. Once you indicate your less than favorable reaction, a thumbs down icon will appear under the post that ostentatiously calls out your dislike, with your name attached, for your Facebook friends to see (with the major caveat that they also need to have the plugin installed).


The plugin works as promised, and from within the Facebook site. We think it’s a tad harsh, but when there’s demand, there’s typically a developer happy to build a solution. We just hope you use the dislike button with caution, otherwise you might find yourself with fewer Facebook friends.

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