Google Goggles

December 8, 2009 at 12:23 AM Leave a comment

Today, at their Search Event in Mountain View, Google demoed a brand new product set to launch in Google Labs: Google Goggles. Humorous name aside, the product looks to be a huge leap forward in the field of visual search — by which I mean, you point a camera at something and Google figures out what it is.

The example that Google VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra showed on stage involved taking a picture of a particular bottle of wine. When he ran it through Google Goggles, the result showed that the particular bottle has a hint of apricots. You also be able to use Goggles to look up things such as CD covers and bar codes (this is likely similar to the popular Android app ShopSavvy). For text, Google Goggles uses optical character recognition (OCR) to try and read things like logos and labels to aid the search.

It seems as if this new functionality, which should be live in Google Labs soon, will be destined for Android phones at least at first.

Update: Google Goggles is now live in Labs. It will be Android-only for now, and it’s available in the Android market.

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