Facebook Closes in on 500 Million Users!

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Facebook is on the cusp of the big half-a-billion user mark, and the company is expected to officially announce its 500 millionth user sometime this week. All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher also reports that the move will coincide with the launch of a new Facebook marketing plan called Facebook Stories, which will allow users (all 500 million of them) to share just how Facebook has made an impact on their lives.

The announcement comes just a wee bit over one year since Facebook hit its 250-million-user milestone. Facebook itself was born in February 2004 and has since risen to become one of the Internet’s most-visited sites, period.

According to recently released stats from Google’s AdPlanner service (which don’t include certain Google sites), Facebook leads the Web with 540 billion unique visitors per month who, in turn, dish out 630 billion page views on the site. Facebook itself reaches 34.8 percent of all Internet users, with each visitor spending approximately 23 minutes on the site and visiting around 34 times per month.

As well, Facebook recently announced that it had reached a milestone of 150 million mobile users, an increase of approximately 50 percent since April’s 100-million-mobile-user measurement.

“Mobile is fast-becoming our growth lever,” said Erick Tseng, Facebook’s head of mobile products, at Venturebeat’s MobileBeat conference earlier this month. “As we begin to continue to expand, we’re starting to go into geographies where phones are the predominant way you access the web. Mobile is a way we can get users to be aware of and engage with social services.”

As for Facebook Stories, the to-be-unveiled service will serve as a launching ground for the various user stories that Facebook users have been submitting to the site. Up until this point, user tales have been individually featured as part of the “Your Stories” section of Facebook’s official blog.

Facebook Stories, in contrast, will feature organized the submitted, 420-character-or-less anecdotes by geography or theme—like, “finding love,” “coping with grief” and “natural disasters,” reports Swisher. Users will be able to link their stories to their Facebook profiles and, naturally, Facebook’s 500-million user base will be able to comment on and “Like” the stories as they see fit.

“As we anticipated our 500-million milestone, and we wanted to find a different way to announce and celebrate it.” said Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg, Director of Marketing, in an interview with Swisher. “In the past, it’s been all about the numbers and milestones and we realized we had never taken the opportunity to celebrate users.”

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