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September 27, 2010 at 11:00 PM 1 comment

Hey readers, sorry i’ve been away for so long.. Didn’t leave the scene but just never had time to write. But i found some nice little jewels along the way, and was hoping to try to share my thoughts with you 🙂

Let me start by saying that i’ve been thinking about the bigger picture of operating systems that currently run our lives.. (didn’t like what you just read? Example)

We are governed by our online presence. Communication, Business and Social life are all influenced digitally. If you think it doesn’t apply to you, then you haven’t realized it yet or you are not currently living on Earth.

Mobile devices have brought this connection to our hands and minds, always there and in reach. We spend less and less time disconnected because…well, because a) the web is always in reach and b) it’s easier & more convenient to have a machine deliver your intentions instead of you.

Let’s see what difference the iPhone made in this perspective.

The iPhone is a self-proclaimed king among men, and with not-that-much good reason…

People have been getting iPhones just for the sake of getting an iPhone, not for it’s capabilities, slick design or interface… it’s just another trend that every person must have, and every can’t-afford-it person is trying to have… regardless if they are familiar with touch interfaces or even if they need smartphones. When they can afford it, they buy it. Why?   Hype… so much of it that you reconsider buying every other touch phone except an iPhone.

Even if buying an Android, Windows Mobile, Samsung or any touch smartphone suits them just fine & could possibly even mean a better experience for them, they just don’t care. they want the iPhone, cause they think everything else is an iPhone wannabe … because of the hype created by Apple at first then by the tech-era herd behavior of people today.

Quote: “they could put out a fuckin’ brick, and call it an iPhone.. if they wanted to”

Got it?

So 10 to 70-year old people get iPhones, jailbreak/unlock them, get all the free apps and goodies, and live a happier, fuller life (supposedly)

There are apps for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g (including a circular saw that grinds ur fingers and fills your screen with blood) Link

Apple’s Annoying Attributes

When dealing with Windows OS, you have all the things you need… and then some. you can right-click anywhere, discover paths, find things to do and play with which are not meant for users but are more of an “inside look” at the machine, and there is a lot more stuff inside that you can access.

You can reach a depth in the system that you might never need, but you can still reach it.. meaning that if you’re curious enough & you’re operating Windows.. with a little help from friends like Google, you will know/learn/find out anything you want.

Now Apple gives you none of that. they deliver a black box, that gives as much options as they see fit. this applies especially to the iPhones. Don’t get me wrong,  It is a wonderful phone with lots of capabilities, but they restrict your access to the machine.. they allow you to do the “normal” things a “normal” person would do, but these options give you the feel that you ARE restricted. you are working/sharing/watching everything in a kind of invisible frame, which – on the outside of it – you have no control. Press this to do that, but only this does that, because we know what ur looking for… in other words,  a friendly Black Box.

Now the workaround for that is apps. You can bypass a lot of processes and features in iPhones by developing the right app. thanks to lots of various tools and kits, people of all minds have been making apps. From the criminal minded to the straightly philosophical passing through the most creative of paths, some people have blossomed in these environments.. which in other circumstances, might have not even existed to the world.

Hacking/Phishing/Scam activity has even been reportedly decreasing since the launch of the iPhone and similar devices because these same people channel their knowledge & expertise towards developing apps.. legally – and I must say – hugely effifcient!

These digital pirates shape up a big portion of the connected community, and more importantly, a huge portion of the connected community that can actually make a difference in the tech world… Legally or not, for business ,pleasure or for just screwing with you.

Which proves a point.

The Point

The Evolution of technology proves that consumers always look for more.. but having that without paying more would be ideal, wouldn’t it? If you can create something that gives a whole lot more than expected for a reasonable price, it would replace the something that:

1) gave you less for the same price OR

2) gave you the same for a higher price

This is the current game. This is the happening battle of digital juggernauts. This is what will set the competition straight.

At this point in time, Each of Apple & Microsoft stand guardian at a knot in the Tech Tree’s branches. Any consumer device, computer or platform beyond this knot is operated on one of those two goliaths (Linux and the likes do not really interest consumers).

Google is right in between, getting the benefits of both while adding its smart engines & apps while releasing it’s multi-tentacled intelligence to dig up what you’re thinking of and deliver it you.

Acting as leaves on these branches are the social media empires. the likes of Facebook & Twitter are always popping up somewhere, and they gave birth to another tentacled monster, one which grabs your interests, likes, dislikes, opinions and personality as a whole, then chews it up and spits it out for everyone to see in a “private” way.

So here they are, the Happy Tech Tree Family, each frequently adding something extra to spice things up (influence your life even more) while trying to get a better market share (setting your norms and swallowing your money) for your benefit (they might as well be living in your home). Where does this go from here? can the tree grow even more?

So far Google, Facebook and Twitter (to mention a few) have given you enormous help and huge benefits in your daily life… for free. They generate their profits by means that don’t involve you paying anything online or offline, so you’re fine with it.

Microsoft and Apple have taken a different road, giving you the core platform to operate the above and their likes, but for a certain price. This price could be minimal, but it’s there.

So eventually it’s one of two choices:  Free or Not Free.

This post is to be continued…

Keep it real.


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  • 1. Sahn  |  September 28, 2010 at 6:35 AM

    I love it!! Keep up the good work!



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