13 Electronic Gadgets That Rule the World

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Electronic industries are booming day by day. Over the last few years there are lots of technically advanced electronic goods that came in to the markets which are awesome and also they are very good products. Let us see some of the best gadgets that rule the world.


1.  MP4  Player Having Wide Display in the Wrist Watch

First we are going to see mp4 player in the watch which is our first gadget having wide display that is 1.8 inch with TFT sceen.This wrist  watch has some excellent features like built in FM radio,1GB  memory card, movie player which supports MTV format and also it has loud speakers which gives more attraction to this wrist watch. There are lots of companies around the world which manufactures these watches particularly more from china and Taiwan.



2. Mp3 Player in Pens Having Voice Recorder

Another excellent gadget that enters in to the electronics market is nothing but a small pen having mp3 player and voice recorder. This pen is having metallic body with mp3 player which supports formats like mp3, wav, and also it has USB for data transfer. Voice recorder facility is also provided which gives super voice clarity. So which means this pen is very much useful for the person who likes music.



3. Mp3 Player and Bluetooth Set in Sunglasses

Sunglass having mp3 player and Bluetooth head set is quite amazing .This shows the technical advancement in the field of electronics. This sunglass is having a removable clip which can be converted in to a Bluetooth headset and also it is provided with mp3 player that supports formats like mp3, wav etc.It has USB port to transfer mp3 songs from pc to player.



4. 2.5 Inch Screen Having MP4  Player and Card Reader

This is an mp4 player which has 2.5 inch display and also having card reader to transfer the data from SD/MMC card. This Player has powerful stereo speaker s which gives excellent output. It has a facility to record programs from television .Micro phone is inbuilt in this player; Data can also be stored here.



5. Lighter  Having Spy Camera

This gadget makes us to remember jamesbond movies. Actually it looks likes cigarette lighter but it is a digital camera having worth of taking 100 shots. For taking snaps we have to flip the lighter so that it takes the snap after that we can close the lighter tip. This lighter is very famous in the market mainly for spies it’s a great gift to them.

6. Goggles for Night Vision

DNV-GX2   has developed this kind of goggles along with its European partner NECTRON in Luxemburg which is the most advance goggles that can be used at nights. The covering range of this glass is around 200m having excellent vision clarity. It supports both NTSC/PAL having display size 36 inch and a view angle of around 25 degrees. This kind of goggles can be used at nights mainly for hunting and also for night travelling etc.



7. Multi Tool Flash Drive with Glowing Light

This device exactly looks like Swiss army hand kit. It has a flash drive which can be used when it is necessary also it can be converted in to pen for emergency writings.This flash drive has torch light which can be used in the dark. This multi purpose device will be very much useful for the people and it is one of the best gadgets in this year.



8. Torch Light

This torch light got the name as the best gadget in the year 2004. It will give powerful vision for 5 minutes by simply shaking it for 20 to 30 seconds. It works under the principle of electro magnetic theory of Michel faraday. This torch does not have battery and the parts can be replaced easily and also it floats on the surface of water.



9. Motorola Droid  Mobile

Motorola droid boasts a super display with android OS that provides the fastest browser with Google as search engine .This phone is well known for its messaging, highest talk time .Mainly known for its android operating system which is very best and it is widely used in the new generation mobiles. QWERTY key pad is not nice but the dual mode world roaming facility is the excellent features of this Motorola droid mobile. It also lacks the blue tooth voice dialing which is common in the latest mobiles.



10. Flip Ultra Cam Recorder

Flip has developed a new ultra slim cam recorder provided with rechargeable AA batteries it can be used both in Mac and windows OS. Display size is 640*480 pixels having VGA video.campare to other HD recorders its battery size is very big and also it is not using lithium batteries but backup is nice.

This cam recorder do not have memory card slot that’s the main draw back but it is provided with 8GB internal memory.



11. LG  LCD TV

LG is the world’s best electronics company mainly known for its LCD TV. It has launched another LCD TV with the name LG 47LH50.This is the worlds first TV with NETFLIX streaming with unique picture wizard having a pc input energy efficient. Actual size of the TV is 42 inch provided with base reflection technology with ultra slim TFT which gives protection to the LCD screen. There is also Ethernet port for data transmission. It is provided with golden eye technology which is very good for the eyes because it gives cool effects rather than hot by seeing the TV continuously.

12. HTC Mobiles Nexus

HTC launched its new mobile under the name nexus. This mobile has very good display with fastest processor also enhanced voice capability.HTC also have multi touch facility with android OS having 3.7 inch AMOLED display with resolution 800*480 pixels having 16.5 million colors. This mobile has full home screen for personalization and also by default there is Google toolbar for searching with GPS to locate the distance. Memory of this mobile is 512 in default but we can use memory card up to 4GB.



Nexus almost looks like apple phone but there are certain difference in the model of the mobile, camera resolution, display clarity also varies in both the mobiles. Android OS is known for 3D graphics these graphics increase the style of the mobiles but major disadvantage is lack of battery back up. Menu has the rolling effect which looks like the title of star wars. It also supports pop3 and imap4 support this option is mainly used in browsing and also quick access to the data retrieval.HTC has given its best in this mobile and the rating of this mobile is very high.

13. Klipsch Ear Phones

Klipsch offers an S4i earphone which gives good quality sound for the money .It can be used in mobiles as headphones and also in mp3 players. It has call answer button, mic as default so that it can be conveniently used .Klipsch ear phones is very popular in the markets because it is cheap and best also its base reflection is very good so that we can hear the songs nicely.

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