Israeli startup’s battery can charge a smartphone in 30 seconds

April 10, 2014 at 2:49 PM Leave a comment

Finally what every smartphone owner has been waiting for!

Is it actually possible that our long struggles with low battery are almost over? This startup shows that at least it’s happening in the near future 😀

I happen to believe (based on nothing) that huge corps like Apple, Microsoft, Google and similar giants already have awesome battery technology that’s ready to deploy… but not quite yet. I think at least they are at the R&D stage… I mean if battery R&D isn’t even happening, then what the hell are these guys thinking??

So I think if this startup picks up and goes commercial with their product, “suddenly” we will see all tech juggernauts deploying their awesome new chargers with even better charging times and longer lasting batteries 😛

Anyway enjoy the post and feel free to like, comment or share 🙂


It’s a common problem in the 21st century: Your smartphone is almost out of power, and there’s no time to recharge.

But now, an Israeli startup called StoreDot may have a solution: The company says it has developed a new battery that can charge a smartphone in 30 seconds, according to a BBC News report.

During a demonstration at Microsoft’s Think Next Conference, the StoreDot device — which is the size of a cigarette pack — charged a Samsung S4 smartphone from dead to full power in 26 seconds, according to the report.


Read more in the original post @ MarketWatch

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