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Which Smartphone Has The Best Battery Life

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The Evolution of Mobile, At Its Most Beautiful


Mobile phones have come a long way. And though you probably haven’t been following it quite as closely, so has 3D projection mapping. Vodafone uses the technique in this stunning new video that celebrates the cell phone from the Zach Morris days, through the Snake era, and up to the feature-laden smartphones of today. [YouTube]

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iPhone Killer ?

Truth is… there is no iPhone killer 🙂

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How the World Is Using Cellphones [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Nokia Siemens acquires Motorola Unit for $1.2 Billion

Nokia Siemens Networks, a subsidiary of Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone maker, is looking to strengthen its network infrastructure business through acquisitions.

Today is has announced the purchase of Motorola’s telecommunications network equipment business for a bold $1.2 billion. The purchase will give it second place in the huge North American market.

The acquisition will help ensure that mobile operators can continue to choose from four large manufacturers of network equipment: Ericsson, China’s Huawei Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent, the Franco-American company, and Nokia Siemens Networks.

According to Business Week, Motorola’s sale of the wireless-network unit prepares it for a broader restructuring. The company is planning to spin off its mobile-phone and set-top box operations into a company that will be led by co-Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Jha.

Around 7,500 Motorola employees will join Nokia Siemens Networks when the deal closes, the companies said. They expect this to happen by year-end, if they get the necessary regulatory approvals.

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Nokia Shows Technology of 2015 In Front of Camera (Video)

Nokia’s usual demo of future technology is once again loose, this time showing how mobile technology will look like in 2015. The company’s head of corporate strategy, Heikki Norta tells us how we’ll be living 6 years from now, surrounded by touch UIs and high tech devices. Here’s the video:

Watch the Video

The key words for this not so remote future are augmented reality, omnipresent connectivity, dual display handsets, micro projectors, laser keyboards and basically anything we’ve seen as a concept, but turned into reality. A huge network aggregator will be at the core of the services and software, connecting hundreds of millions of users.

Intelligent devices will stay in sync, provide weather, financial and other types of updates and some uber-cool sharing options will also be available. Dreamy? Yes… and somewhat scary.

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Transparent Nokia Phone Features a Touchscreen, Looks Great

We’ve seen quite a bunch of transparent phone designs lately, but none of them had the Nokia brand on. Luckily, designer Juan Carlos Garzon created one such Nokia concept, with a touchscreen interface and a transparent display.

Transparent Nokia Phone Features a Touchscreen, Looks Great

The lower side of the handset includes the battery, most of the hardware, incorporates the on/off button (front side) and a 5 megapixel camera (at the back). This Nokia concept’s display also emits light, allowing for better usage during night time.

A stunning design and a great idea!

Transparent Nokia Phone Features a Touchscreen, Looks Great

Transparent Nokia Phone Features a Touchscreen, Looks Great

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