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Nokia Shows Technology of 2015 In Front of Camera (Video)

Nokia’s usual demo of future technology is once again loose, this time showing how mobile technology will look like in 2015. The company’s head of corporate strategy, Heikki Norta tells us how we’ll be living 6 years from now, surrounded by touch UIs and high tech devices. Here’s the video:

Watch the Video

The key words for this not so remote future are augmented reality, omnipresent connectivity, dual display handsets, micro projectors, laser keyboards and basically anything we’ve seen as a concept, but turned into reality. A huge network aggregator will be at the core of the services and software, connecting hundreds of millions of users.

Intelligent devices will stay in sync, provide weather, financial and other types of updates and some uber-cool sharing options will also be available. Dreamy? Yes… and somewhat scary.

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Vodafone to sell the iPhone 3G S for the hefty 619/719 euro

16 June, 2009

A leaked internal Vodafone Italy price list interestingly lists the price of the upcoming iPhone 3G S at the old continent. If you are not willing to enter into contract with Vodafone, you’d have to go for some quite steep contract-free prices to get one.

The iPhone 3G S 16GB will set you back 619 euro, while the iPhone 3G S 32GB will cost you 719 euro.

Leaked Vodafone Italy pricelist

iPhone 3G S Vodafone Italy pricelist

Interestingly, the same pricelist lists the iPhone 3G with unchanged prices meaning there will be price deduction if you opt for the now year-old model. An unlocked iPhone 3G 8GB costs 499 euro, while the 16GB version trades for 569 euro.

Again those price are commitment-free, we guess the carrier will subsidize the contract prices heavily. We really hope they don’t pump up the iPhone monthly plans as well.

June is a hectic month for the industry this year and you can find some of the trend-setting mobiles hitting the stores these weeks.

Both the Samsung Omnia HD and the Nokia N97 retail for about 550 euro, for instance, while the Sony Ericsson W995 Hikaru can be found for 400 euro. Nokia N86 8MP (450 euro) and the LG GC900 Viewty Smart (380 euro) are also shipping.

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