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The Avengers: Age of Ultron (Official Trailer)

Estaba anunciado para el próximo martes, pero a veces la red nos sorprenden. Ahora se filtró el tráiler de The Avengers: Age of Ultron. El mismo que fue exhibido en la pasada Comic-Con de San Diego, así es que si leyeron sus descripciones, ya saben lo que se viene.

Los Vengadores se reúnen, una iniciativa de Tony Stark sale muy mala y todo el mundo paga las consecuencias de ello. Porque una inteligencia artificial llega a la conclusión de que para salvar al mundo, los humanos deben morir. Chan, chan, chan.

vía Google Drive

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Unbelievable Facts That Are Actually True

Russia is bigger than Pluto?!

Some amazing facts in there, check it out!


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The Rise of Mobile & Internet Video Watching

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The Year in Review Captured On a Google Wave

From the same folks at Whirled Interactive who brought us the excellently funny “Pulp Wave Fiction comes another intelligent use of Google Wave as a video production medium — this time it’s used to encapsulate the year in news and social media.

In “Waving Goodbye to 2009, embedded after the break, we see a Google Wave rendition of the year’s most memorable moments. From the Obama inauguration to the Iran elections, from Susan Boyle to Kanye West, the video highlights the best — and worst — moments of 2009.

Check it out below and let us know what you think. Were any huge stories omitted you would have liked to see included (were we blind or did we miss an appearance from Balloon Boy, e.g.)? You can also check out some other novel use cases for Google Wave, too.

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iPhone-Controlled Robot is Able to Play Soccer (Video)

You probably imagined that you’d get to control a tiny robot with the aid of a joystick or remote control in the not so remote future, but the solution comes, once again from Apple. Since joysticks aren’t that good when it comes to robot control, the iPhone is up for the task, thanks to the interface developed by a couple of grad students at Japan’s Keio University.

The robot control interface is based on finger swipes, presses and taps, as you can see in the video above. Boy, is that robot snappy or what? The control mechanism also relies on the iPhone’s accelerometer and multitouch screen and we’re impressed by the fluid movements of the tiny gadget, hopping around and performing sidesteps.

We want a bunch of these thingies playing football… now!

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