The Avengers: Age of Ultron (Official Trailer)


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Estaba anunciado para el próximo martes, pero a veces la red nos sorprenden. Ahora se filtró el tráiler de The Avengers: Age of Ultron. El mismo que fue exhibido en la pasada Comic-Con de San Diego, así es que si leyeron sus descripciones, ya saben lo que se viene.

Los Vengadores se reúnen, una iniciativa de Tony Stark sale muy mala y todo el mundo paga las consecuencias de ello. Porque una inteligencia artificial llega a la conclusión de que para salvar al mundo, los humanos deben morir. Chan, chan, chan.

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Apple announces iOS 8: Adds interactive notifications and OSX integration

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6 myths of social sharing (infographic)

Very interesting facts! I always believed half of those, although I fell for the other half :)

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Here’s the entire Internet live, in one real-time infographic

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Google Search competitor DuckDuckGo teases major revamp, beautiful new design

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Surprise! Mobile Users Are Internet Savvy


Very true!

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Congratulations! Act now to read this entire post to win some understanding about human nature! Researchers at the Penn State Media Effects Research Laboratory have found that time sensitive banner ads and other potentially scummy advertising methods rarely fool mobile users into clicking and, instead, cause them to treat the site as a potential threat.

“It could be that an instant gratification message makes mobile users, who tend to be more tech savvy, leery about the site,” said Professor S. Shyam Sundar.

For example, sites and banners that encourage you to do something “right now” or click to win are ignored at best by mobile users. Sundar believes it’s because mobile users are more experienced on the Internet and aren’t fooled by advertising in the same way a desktop-only user might.

“It’s a boomerang effect–marketers may think that they are activating the instant gratification heuristic when they display time-sensitive offers…

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300M downloads and $600M in revenue say Google is the ‘loser’s choice’ in mobile games monetization

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