300M downloads and $600M in revenue say Google is the ‘loser’s choice’ in mobile games monetization

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

Smart game developers are choosing startup ad companies like Vungle and AdColony when monetizing their mobile games, according to a new survey by VentureBeat. At least, if they want to make significant amounts of money.

They are most certainly not picking Google.

176 game developers with 1,100 published games, 300 million collective downloads, and over $600 million in annual revenue took VentureBeat’s mobile games monetization survey, and we’re releasing the report today.

mobile games monetizationThe results show not only which monetization methods are most effective at making developers money; they also show the least effective. The most-used monetization method, for instance, is the interstitial ad. But the way developers make more money is clear: freemium in-app purchases.

Developers also told us which companies make them the most money — and which make them the least.

The data clearly shows that game developers abandon Google once they hit 11 published games. While Google…

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How One Start-Up is Revolutionizing Egypt’s Food Scene


Go Egypt! Bravo to those guys, hayleen ya shabab :))

Originally posted on Egyptian Streets:

Hungry? Just get out your phone and download Engezni when it goes live in May.

Hungry? Just get out your phone and download Engezni when it goes live in May.

By Mostafa Rizk, contributor, EgyptianStreets.com

Sometimes it seems that any news you hear out of Egypt is bad news. Whether it’s about an increasing budget deficit, a new wave of violent clashes or another government screw up, it feels as if everybody is actively trying to make things worse. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

For every person out there not doing their job or actively making the country a worse place to live, there are a thousand more who are sick of the politics and stagnation, who just want to see Egypt flourish, and are working tirelessly to make that happen.

The team behind Egypt’s latest tech startup, Engezni, are some of those people.

This February, Engezni won second place at the University Mobile Challenge at the prestigious Mobile World…

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Israeli startup’s battery can charge a smartphone in 30 seconds

Finally what every smartphone owner has been waiting for!

Is it actually possible that our long struggles with low battery are almost over? This startup shows that at least it’s happening in the near future :D

I happen to believe (based on nothing) that huge corps like Apple, Microsoft, Google and similar giants already have awesome battery technology that’s ready to deploy… but not quite yet. I think at least they are at the R&D stage… I mean if battery R&D isn’t even happening, then what the hell are these guys thinking??

So I think if this startup picks up and goes commercial with their product, “suddenly” we will see all tech juggernauts deploying their awesome new chargers with even better charging times and longer lasting batteries :P

Anyway enjoy the post and feel free to like, comment or share :)


It’s a common problem in the 21st century: Your smartphone is almost out of power, and there’s no time to recharge.

But now, an Israeli startup called StoreDot may have a solution: The company says it has developed a new battery that can charge a smartphone in 30 seconds, according to a BBC News report.

During a demonstration at Microsoft’s Think Next Conference, the StoreDot device — which is the size of a cigarette pack — charged a Samsung S4 smartphone from dead to full power in 26 seconds, according to the report.


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Most Social Networks Are Now Mobile First


Original post @ Statista

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A new cool opinion-sharing, social app!

Hello loyal readers!

I realize I haven’t posted here in while but life’s been busy and great!

I’m currently working on my Masters Thesis on Customer Acquisition for B2B businesses through Social Media, while simultaneously working as a part-time analyst and consultant in Skanderna Consulting in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have a small request for you and I sincerely hope you can help me out!

As part of a market research initiative, here is a survey that handles your opinions for a cool new social app. It has much potential and would benefit all persons of all ages and all nationalities. I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter!

To return the favor, I’ll gladly answer any and all surveys you might have. Just post them in the Comments section in this post :D.

Thanks in advance!

English version: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hyiY1I8QteQdggu9JPOGniRk4BDaOAsRaS_54KXKees/viewform

Swedish version: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JFp9o5o6Rgbrr9pLSXoLBUxxBiyrdPF8zdtOnTZi-ac/viewform

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Google’s next developer conference is all about modular smartphones


The future of mobile is here!

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

The dream of piecing together a smartphone like Lego blocks no longer seems far-fetched.

Google announced today that it will host three developer conferences this year for its Project Ara modular smartphone concept, with the first set for April 14 and 15 in Mountain View, Calif.

A holdover from Motorola’s Advanced Technology and Platforms (ATAP) group, which officially joined Google last week, Project Ara is a push to make modular smartphones a reality. Instead of buying a single, fully-constructed phone where all the components seem like a black box, the Ara project is exploring the idea of snapping phones together based on individual components.

Ara may seem far-fetched, but in a world where our smartphones seem obsolete after only a few months, the notion of upgrading components piecemeal sounds pretty enticing for techies.

This may not be a concept that gets much mainstream play, but like the ATAP group’s recently…

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Gamers are the new professional athletes


Original post @ Direct-ticket via Alltop

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